‘Singin’ in the Rain’ – at Curci Theatre one of the greatest musical of all time
Sunday, March 15, 2015
Teatro Curci Barletta
“SINGIN ‘ in the rain”, the largest and most loved of all the musicals on the big screen, is the new production of Stages-Company Conrad Abbati that will debut, exclusively for Puglia, at the Teatro Curci of Barletta, in the 31.ma Season of music and Culture Association “g. Curci”, Sunday March 15, 2015, at 18.30. It’s a production in Italy, exclusive of singin’ in the rain (Singin ‘ in the Rain), the famous Broadway musical made famous from the movie directed in 1952 by Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly and starring Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor. Music by Nacio Herb Brown, among the most famous songs that the public will be able to listen in English version, “You Are My Lucky Star, Good Morning and singin’ in the Rain; preparing avails itself of the collaboration of English “Up Stage Designs” and his set designers Phil r. Daniels and Charles Cusick Smith, authors of a new multimedia staging will have to thread the film setting.Judged by the most authoritative criticism as the best musical of all time, singing in the rain became the symbolic title of the American musical theater.The story of the film is set in the late 1920s America, during the period of transition from silent films to sound. The actor Don Lockwood, acclaimed star of the silent era, can’t stand her onscreen partner, the blonde and ditzy Lina Lamont. The success of the first talkies forces the producer to turn the last film interpreted by the couple in a talking picture, but the idea proved impractical because of the unbearable crackly voice of Cosmo dancer Lina.Il, Don’s best friend, suggests to turn the film into a musical, making dub Lina’s voice to the young actress and singer Kathy, whose Don has meanwhile in love. When she discovers the truth, Lina rages and attempts to sabotage the romance, as well as forcing Kathy to dub all his future films. The first projection is a huge success and when asked Lina to perform a song, Don, Cosmo and the producer get to perform playback with Kathy behind the scenes: the aim is to play a nasty, but deserved, shooting and put it to the sedan in front of everyone. When the curtain opens, in fact, the public will face the true voice of the film and tributerà to Kathy’s triumph owed.Two continuous hours of pleasure, joy contagious and ¬ musi ca famous. A show full of charm with gags funny, moments of deep feeling and a strong originality. Those who loved the film with Gene Kelly will be involved by the energy of vibrant cast, from co ¬ reografiche, rises from new and amazing production and a Director lean. “SINGIN ‘ in the rain” has everything you could want from a legendary musical which we will report in the elegant and glamorous Hollywood when cinema was to sound.Adaptation and directed by Corrado Abbati, in coproduction and production Up-Stage London. Choreography by Bardelli, costumes by Artemio Cabassi, scenes of George Cassinadri and the musical direction of Maria G.
Barletta (Barletta Andria Trani)
Teatro Curci
Corso Vittorio Emanuele I
target hours 18.00 18.30 start
entrance fee
Info. 0883.332456/332522/0883 3803454431


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