Barletta Opera Festival 2015
Here is the final program of the Association’s summer concerts Curci for the Barletta Opera Festival!
August 7, 2015
hours 20.30-port beginning hours 21.00
Great event with the Symphonic Operetta Gala with singers, scenery, costumes and the orchestra Filarmonica directed by Giovanni Pugliese Malebo in the beautiful scenery of the Castle Arena! The most beautiful operetta melodies, classical melodies, the most extravagant ballets and more festive can can staged and directed by Carlo Monopoli and featuring the voices of Raffaella Montini, Marilena Gaudio and Nicholas d. Cuocci.
entrance fee
1° euro sector places 20-2° euro sector 15
sale at the book shop of the castle of Barletta
online at and at all outlets bookingshow

7th Edition Art Voices’
Palazzo della Marra start 20.30 hours

16 July

Limen Ensemble From Black to black Echoes from contemporary-
Multimedia performance for voice, oboe, violin, cello and electronics-
Bonfitto (Voice), Alberto Signorile (oboe), Carmine Rizzi (violin), Antonio Barracchia (cello) Nicola Monopoli (electronics)

29 July

Journey into Film music from Joplin to Nino Rota, Morricone and Piovani
Lyrical ensemble ‘ G. Curci‘s
Paola Pennacchia (soprano) Giovanni Mazzone (tenor)- Sabrina Schiralli (keyboards)
with projection of images

5 August

Dominae Ensemble sweet my sighs ‘ — voices and instruments from the Renaissance Italian Music
Female ensemble with Valeria Polizio (soprano), Maria Dituri (Soprano), Annarita Lorusso (Baroque violin), Mariangela Lippolis (recorder), Gaia Laforgia(guitar), Beatrice Birardi (percussion), Vita Perilli (cello), Eloise Ameruoso (harpsichord)
6x3 musicarte 2015


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