N.B. For the International Composition Competition the application must be sent exclusively by post using the PDF template on this page

Application Form A - Young Musician International Competition 'Città di Barletta'

29.th Young Musician International Competition

Città di Barletta 

Application Form - A
Young Soloist International Prize  Strings - Winds - Guitar May 6-8, 2019
Young Pianist International Prize May 9-12, 2019


2- Copy of the receipt of the Application Fee (see Rules art. 17) payable in one of the following ways:
a)by Paypal using the form on our website http://www.culturaemusica.it/paypal.html

b) by Bank Transfer entered to:Banca Popolare di Bari - Filiale di Barletta - via Ferdinando di Aragona n. 173 - Barletta account n. 1000866 ABI 05424 CAB 41350 CIN D IBAN: IT33 D054 2441 3500 0000 1000 866 Swift - BIC : BPBAIT3BXXX named to : Associazione Cultura e Musica - G. Curci


N.B. This Application Form must be send not later than April 8, 2019

Important Notice
A confirmation message is displayed when the form is successfully sent. In case of no-show, please repeat the procedure, taking care to fill in the required fields and not to exceed the dimensions indicated for the attachments. If there are problems with the online submission of the form, the application for participation can be downloaded from this page, compiled, scanned and sent by mail, with the required attachments to info@culturaemusica.it