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Great Succes for the Final Concerto of the 26th International Piano Competition  “MAURO PAOLO MONOPOLI PRIZE”

First prize to Vietnamese pianist Ho Khanh Van , second prize to Russian Artem Kuznetsov, third prize to Japanese pianist Hana Igawa





Great success for the 26th International Piano Performance Competition “Mauro Paolo Monopoli Prize, organized by the Culture and Music Association “G.Curci” in collaboration with and under the patronage of the City of Barletta, the Apulia Region, the Ministry of Culture, Buzzi – Unicem, the Megamark onlus Foundation, and the Barletta Ricettiva Association , with the various Special Prizes offered by Professor Maria Rita Lamonaca and Engineer Luca Dimiccoli that took place in the splendid setting of the Curci Theater in Barletta

A resounding Soundiff Symphony Orchestra – Diffrazioni Sonore, masterfully conducted by maestro Benedetto Montebello, in a packed theater, acted as a showcase for the three finalists on the final evening of the 26th International Piano Performance Competition “Mauro Paolo Monopoli Prize” an event that brings the city of Barletta into the limelight every year all over the world, projecting it into a truly international dimension.

A very high level was found by the International Jury formed by masters Susan Shu Cheng Lin (Taiwan), Bertrand Giraud (France), Roberto Corlianò (Italy), Vittorio Costa (Italy), Lorenzo Di Bella (Italy), Benedetto Montebello (Italy), and Francesco Monopoli (Italy), who found themselves judging participants , from South Korea, Ukraine, Italy, Germany, Vietnam, Romania, Japan, Australia, Russia, Mexico, Armenia, Great Britain, Bulgaria, and China, who expressed a very high level of artistic and musical sensitivity and technical expressive quality never seen in previous years, making the Jury’s task truly difficult.

To open the evening, presented by Floriana Tolve, was the very young Vietnamese pianist Ho Khanh Van, the youngest of the three, just 20 years old, winner of many prizes in National and International Competitions, perfected with prestigious musicians and a student of Stepan Simonyan at the University of Music in Hamburg, who gave us a refined, engaging and fresh interpretation of Concerto No. 4 in G Major Op. 58 by Ludwig van Beethoven engaging both the Jury and the audience that crowded the theater.

It was then the turn of Russian/Texan pianist Artem Kuznetsov, 33, one of the most awarded pianists, in the most prestigious International Piano Competitions, an eclectic artist and virtuoso of the keyboard, to captivate the audience with his romantic , quiet, thoughtful and melancholy performance of Chopin’s Concerto No. 1 in E Minor Op. 11.

The evening was then concluded by 30-year-old Japanese pianist Hana Igawa, whose Concerto No. 5 in E-flat Major Op. 73, “Emperor,” with a richly colored interpretive mastery engaged the audience who applauded her at length .

At the end of the evening the prestigious International Jury, decided to award First Prize to the Vietnamese pianist Ho Khanh Van, to her goes the prize offered by Buzzi Unicem and the Nuovo IMAIE Prize of ten thousand euros, for a tour project of six concerts, yet another recognition for the work done over the years by the Curci Association, which will allow him to carry out a tour of concerts throughout Italy. To her also went the Audience Prize, offered this year by Professor Maria Rita Lamonaca along with a concert with the Soundiff Orchestra – Diffrazioni Sonore. Second Prize went to Russian/Texan Kuznetsov Artem to whom the prize offered by the non-profit Fondazione Megamark went and Third Prize to Japanese Igawa Hana, offered by the Artistic Direction of the Associazione Cultura e Musica G. Curci.

The Special Prize “Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli,” offered by m° ing. Luca Dimiccoli, went to Korean pianist Park Jeongro and Japanese pianist Ota Saya , three semifinalists awarded by Buzzi Unicem : Japanese Yuki Mihara, Italian Federica Reale and Japanese Sayaka Yamashita




Special praise goes to the spectacular Symphony Orchestra Soundiff – Diffrazione Sonore, (over 45 elements), composed of artists from our area mostly under 35, the only Apulian orchestral reality recognized by FUS, masterfully conducted by Maestro Benedetto Montebello.

For the presentation of the Awards to the various winners, the Deputy Mayor Dr. Giuseppe Di Leo, the Councillor for Social Services Dr. Rosaria Mirabello, Dr. Domenico Ingegno, Director of Buzzi – Unicem, Barletta plant, Dr. Michele Sardone representing the Municipality of Barletta, attended the ceremony. Michele Sardone representing the Megamark Foundation – Onlus and Cavaliere Giovanni Pomarico and Raffaele Rizzi President of the Barletta Ricettiva Association who with their words paid tribute to this now traditional reality that every year projects Barletta in a truly international context.


The very large audience appreciated and underscored the skill of the finalists with very long applause and ovations of enthusiastic admiration both towards these young artists who, for the love of music, do not hesitate to travel all over the world and every year find themselves in Barletta, and towards the International Jury that during these long days of intense auditions found itself listening to so many artists of international level and having to choose the best during this International Music Competition, which has the honorary presidency of the late great maestro Carlo Maria Giulini, dedicated to the unforgettable Mauro Paolo Monopoli .



✨Here are the three outstanding Finalists and the two winners of the Special Prizes of the 26th International Piano Competition ‘Mauro Paolo Monopoli Prize’✨

Our warmest Congratulations to the Finalists :
- Ho Khanh Van – Vietnam 
- Kuznetsov Artem – Russia/U.S.A. 
- Igawa Hana – Japan 
and to the Winners of the ‘A. B. Michelangeli’ Special Prizes
-Park Jeongro – South Korea 
-Ota Saya – Japan 


Here are the selected Semifinalists  of the 24th International Piano Competition
‘Mauro Paolo Monopoli Prize’ 2021 Restart Edition

All of them must be at Curci Theatre in Barletta on 30th September at 10.00 for the letter drawn,
the piano rehearsal and the Semifinal Stage

Semifinalisti 24mo Concorso Premio Mauro Paolo Monopoli_001

The winners of the 23rd International Piano Competition ‘Mauro Paolo Monopoli Prize’ 2020 on line Edition

Final Stage Result - MPM IPC 2020 web announcement rev_001

Here are the Winners of the 22nd International Piano Competition
Mauro Paolo Monopoli Prize
2019 Edition

Premiazione MPM

1st Prize
Polina Sasko – UKraina –
IMAIE Prize 15.000,00 Euros

2nd Prize and Audience Prize
Daria Kiseleva -Russia
Buzzi Unicem Prize 5.000,00 Euros and Artistic Direction Prize 500,00 Euros

3rd Prize
Kimoto Shuta – Japan
Fondazione Megamark Prize 2500,00 Euros 

Young Artist Prize ‘A.B.Michelangeli’ –
Chin LEE (Taiwan) and Federico Pulina (Italy)
Eng. Luca Dimiccoli Prize  500,00 euros for each one

Honor Diploma
Oh Yeaontaek (South Korea) – Special Prize ‘Osimo Intl. Festival and Competition’
Kato Daiki (Japan)-Special Prize ‘Osimo Intl. Festival and Competition’
Diana Gabrielyan (Armenia)- Special Prize ‘Osimo Intl. Festival and Competition’
Shin Minchul (South Korea)


Polina Sasko


Daria Kiseleva


Kimoto Shuta

21st International Piano Competition
Mauro Paolo Monopoli Prize
ed. 2018
The amazing Top Winners!!


The final result of the International Piano Competition
‘ Mauro Paolo Monopoli Prize’
2nd prize ex-aequo to ITO Junichi (Japan) and JEON Youngseob (South Korea).
The special audience prize was awarded to JEON Youngseob.
The other finalist SADAUNYKAITE Yulia (Lithuania), who had distinguished himself during the various stages of the competition, had an accident on his wrist and could not participate in the final.
She was awarded a Special Prize from the Artistic Direction and various concerts in Italy for the 2019.
Letizia Noemi HAHN (Germany) and TAI Li Ting (Taiwan) won
the Special Young Artist Concert Award.
The final evening in the Curci Theatre was unforgettable!


20th International Piano Competition
‘Mauro Paolo Monopoli Prize’

 The Winners
Bartosz Sklodowsky (Poland) 1st Prize and Audience Prize
Anna Genushiene (Russia)   2nd Prize   
Ayane Shoda (Japan)  3rd Prize
Special Prizes : Mikhail Dolgov (Russia)  Robertas Lozinskis (Lithuania)

Special Mentions : Fedor Amirov (Russia) Serena Valluzzi (Italy)
Tutti i vincitori mpm

The wonderful Final Concerto in the Curci Theatre!




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