Uto Ughi at the Curci Theatre

It announces the sell-out for the expected concert of Uto Ughi, violinist of great fame but also passionate personality with strong charisma, has always been active in promoting music as a foundation of social life against the trivialization and superficiality rampant today.

And the taste of the historic event a concert that will see it for the second time (we could appreciate its wonderful concert of 2011) in Teatro Comunale Curci of Barletta, accompanied on piano by pianist Mark Grisanti. A Kingdom from a well-established artistic affinities, protagonist of a program that explores, through particularly attractive pages, literature for violin and piano, with two tools that interact with each other without ever sopraffarsi. The violin maestro Ughi is indeed entrusted with the inauguration of the 31.ma Season, for the music section, 1° February at 18.30 created, by the indefatigable maestro Francesco Monopoli, artistic director of the music and Culture Association g. Curci.
The warmth and communicativeness interpretive style of Ughi make this artist really one of the greatest violinists of our time, a sensitive performer who knows how to talk and sing with heartfelt voice his violin, as well as the heir to that tradition which saw bud and bloom in Italy the first great violin schools.Talent early, playing Bach and Paganini in public just seven years, and a pupil of Enescu. UTO Ughi has performed around the world, alongside the most famous orchestras and leading conductors. But his interpreter knew activities complement those of promoting major initiatives to bring young people to the world of classical music, of guardian and popularizer of the Italian artistic heritage, as well as that of the theatres, orchestras and conservatories. Ideals which, in 2003, they found their realization in the festival Uto Ughi per Roma, where the master is the creator, founder, artistic edirettore.
Recently, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers appointed him Chairman of the Commission appointed to investigate a communication campaign for the diffusion of classical music at the youth. For his performances of the highest order, given the testimony of numerous and fundamental recordings, Ughi will be in Barletta with its two priceless violins, which usually plays two instruments of historical importance: a Guarneri del Gesu of 1744, which possesses a warm sound from the dark timbre and is perhaps one of the most beautiful Guarneri exist, and a 1701 Stradivarius named Kreutzer because it belonged to the homonymous violinist to whom Beethoven dedicated his famous Sonata No. 9 in a major op. 47.
The program form Vitali to Brahms, form Wieniawski to Saint Saens, concluding with Paganini, will highlight the virtuosity and passion of a great artist as Uto Ughi. Followed by a interesting conversation with maestro Uto Ughi and presentation of his recent autobiography: that devil of a trill. Notes of my life , episodes of his career and private life of the master, which will be conducted by Pierfranco Moliterni, Professor at the Università degli Studi di Bari
Sunday 1 February
Teatro Comunale Curci
target hours 18.00
beginning at 18.30
0883 0883 332522 332456 information 380 3454431
www.culturaemusica.it; https://www.facebook.com/mpmcompetition