“VENTE CONMIGO” Spectacle of flamenco dance and music at the Curci Theatre – Barletta
Sunday, February 15, 2015
Teatro Curci Barletta


Spectacle of flamenco dance and music at the Teatro Curci of Barletta

by Culture and Music Association “G. Curci.

There is great anticipation for the spectacle of Flamenco Music and dance “Vente Conmigo” Flamenco Vivo company to be held on Sunday, 15 February at 18.30, at the Teatro Comunale Curci of Barletta, in the 31.ma Season of music and Culture Association “g. Curci” of Barletta. The show, which the Live Flamenco Company founded by Lara Ribichini and Dario Campion, artistic directors and choreographers of all shows, will be a compelling spectacle, which blends music and dance, and poetry. Alternation of suggestive images, created by moments in which a soloist at the choral movement and the company’s entire compact. “Vente conmigo “, typical of the cante flamenco phrase from which the show takes its name, in this case, it is above all an invitation to attend a guided tour of music and dance in an artistic design that is intended to represent the flamenco as a theatrical form complete and universal. Formed in 1998 the Flamenco Vivo company is born from the Union of artists of the national flamenco and Spanish, under the leadership of artistic director Lara Ribichini, Prima Ballerina and choreographer, Dario Campion bailaor and choreographer.Flamenco vivo presents flamenco in the most complete form of artistic music and dance interaction carry the viewer in the most authentic climate of baile flamenco of today without neglecting the past tradition of the great masters. The experience gained in their stay in Seville from 2000 to 2005 (soloists in flamenco company of Javier Cruz) leads the management of the company to be among the most qualified in our landscape. The company avails itself of the collaboration of industry professionals who have gained significant professional experience in the field of flamenco such as: Daniele Bonaviri (guitarra), Pasquale Ruocco (gitarra), Jose Salguero (cante), and many others. Flamenco like life, like feelings, like heart, like pain and joy. Every step of Dario Campion and Lara Ribichini can express his own duende. No matter the sweat that changes the color of the shirts and vueltas (laps) eaves on the stage to leave traces of their effort. It’s a crescendo of emotions. Dario Campion presents his courage, his determination, sensitivity, manhood, aggressiveness, smoothness, determination and the strength of a lion. His hands are wings of a gull. Life is a struggle. Life is victory. Like a toreador in the arena. A stand on the sufferings and to dance on the joy, the happiness. Zapateado pressing, the rhythm of the feet, flying shoes on stage and music. The whole body is music. There is everything in his first classical dance: the Accademia Nazionale di Danza in Rome, then the discovery and a passion for flamenco. The search continues, studies in Italy and in Spain, the encounters with Joaquin Cortes and Manolete and many other big names in the world of flamenco. The results achieved, as a principal dancer and as a soloist in prestigious companies, then the encounter with Lara Ribichini, always a lover and scholar of flamenco (among others with Catherine Lucy coast) and the birth of Flamenco Vivo, successes. On the stage of Strong Lara Ribichini, sensual, passionate, sweet, determined by force that only a woman can give pulls out his soul. Very difficult steps are made lightly, with extreme ease as a liberating Act of self. During the show male and female dance meet with music to create a dialogue full of emotions and images, with the aim of dragging the viewer in the flamenco world where the fusion of genres (music and dance) from a universal art form. Like a raging river overwhelm the audience. Flamenco like life, like feelings, like heart, like pain and joy.