Peppe Servillo with Solis String Quartet in “Spassiunatamente”
Sunday, May 3, 2015
Teatro Curci Barletta

Peppe Servillo with the Solis String Quartet in Spassiunatamente classical concert in Naples language at the Teatro Curci of Barletta
Peppe Servillo con i Solis String Quartet in

Peppe Servillo voice
Vincenzo Di Donna (violin)
Luigi De Maio violin
Gerardo Morrone (viola)
Antonio France‘s cello
The long-awaited appointment with Peppe Servillo and the Solis String Quartet, Sunday May 3, 2015, at the Teatro Comunale Curci of Barletta, curated Culture and Music Association g. Curci.The concert is an extraordinary tribute to the culture and the classical Neapolitan song.The encounter between these extraordinary artists, all of Clare Bell, origin has resulted in an unprecedented concert where the art and the thickness of Peppe Servillo blend with the skill and vision of the arches of the Solis making this unique event and thanks to these wonderful artists, makes through a refined and popular reading of a classic repertoire ranging from Raffaele Viviani for E.A. Mario until Renato Carosone, is a Naples story holographic but not a city that was and is fully an authentic European cultural capital.The unique feature that the show brings, you re/reading of the classics using only a String Quartet and voice.This formula and this specific artistic choice, bare of all the frills these masterpieces making them absolutely elegant and refined without losing that force and incisiveness that have decreed the global success. Spassiunatamente “is undoubtedly an unmissable event and returns to the Neapolitan song that vocal and musical environment of rare beauty and taste.
Barletta (Barletta Andria Trani)
Teatro Curci
Corso Vittorio Emanuele I
target hours 18.00 18.30 start
entrance fee
Info. 0883.332456/332522/0883 3803454431