“New frontiers-Musical – Tribute to electroacoustic music”

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sant’Antonio Church Barletta


“New frontiers-Musical – Tribute to electroacoustic music”

with Nicola MONOPOLI and Giorgio NOTTOLI

A concert that will be devoted entirely to contemporary music from the twentieth century to the most recent historical trials. The concert to be held on October 1, at St. Anthony’s Church at 20, is aimed especially at young audiences, for the promotion and dissemination of various aspects of current musical cultures.

Limen Ensemble scene, Peter Doronzo-flute, oboe, Stately Albert Elia Ranieri-cello group holding an extraordinary and very personal technique, which will perform music of the composers George Nottoli, Nicola monopolies and Fulvio Giovanni Panunzio, with sound direction entrusted to Nicola Monopoli and Giorgio  Nottoli.

The Association Curci, continues in its educational program that seeks to unite the old and the new, in an attempt to bring together two different audiences. The niche audience, made up of many young, intelligent and studious but rarely approach to classical music, and vice versa, the audience for classical music lovers, however, are more open to approach to a quite different musical dimension. Software, hardware sequencer programs that sometimes border on science fiction. For electroacoustic music refers to music produced with electronic instrumentation. Among its landmarks the past Cage, Berio and Xenakis. Guest of the evening will be the famous composer Giorgio Nottoli who will speak in the presentation of the pieces presented.
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Barletta (Barletta Andria Trani)

Sant’Antonio Church

Via Sant’Antonio

Porta 19.30 hours start at 20.00

admission fee

8 subscription concerts € 30,00 € 10,00

Info. 528026 (0883 3803454431