New Music Borders – Carmine Rizzi (violin) Nicola Monopoli (live electronics)

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The duo Carmine Rizzi, violin and Nicola Monopoly Live electronics, will perform on Sunday, October 26, at the Church of Sant’Antonio, with target at 18 and start at 18.30.
Meeting dedicated to New Musical Frontiers” section that every year the Association proposes to Curci relationship with contemporary and electroacoustic music innovations, will be offered an interesting concert that will range from classic repertoires to contemporary ones, in an attempt to make accessible to a wider audience, the complexity of the purest contemporary music and multimedia uses both classical tools of multimedia stations and video installations.
A program that taking the moves from the most famous scores by Bach, through the famous Ballade” by Ysaye and interesting Sequenza VIII by Luciano Berio, offer new and intriguing contemporary scores of young composer Nicholas Monopoli, singer said with his compositions at an international level.
Carmine Rizzi is a violinist who has considerable experience, orchestral without neglecting the solo and deepening the experience of Chamber music. Graduated in violin in 1991 with honors at the Conservatory “n. Piccinni” in Bari under the guidance of m° s. D’orazio. Studies with m° c. Rossi at the Imola Academy, the Accademia di San Marino and the Academy Barense, with m° c. Romano at the Academy “Perosi” di Biella, with Maestro Yair Kless at Villa Contarini in Padua and chamber music with the Trio di Milano Carmine Rizzi(Calder, Sirbu, Filipinos) at Scuola di Musica di Fiesole. It has been awarded in national competitions for musical performance both as a soloist and in Chamber music. In ‘ 94 and ‘ 95 he won a scholarship to the “Orchestra Project” organized by the friends of the music of Vicenza and held from the first parts of La Scala in Milan (Pagliani, Rossi, Dindo). He has participated in master classes and Master Classes with maestri d. Zsigmondy, a. Chumachenco, b. Bojarskj, f. Honek Ajo, r., i. Grubert, g. Franzetti. Suitable for hearing of ‘ 95 held by the Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana, begins to cooperate and enter into stable plant in ‘ 97. In ‘ 99 passes the audition for first parts.With the same makes several concerts both in Italy and abroad and making television and radio recordings and recordings for major record labels. She performed in various chamber ensembles. In 2007 he obtained a Diploma of II Degree at the Conservatory of Fermo and the Diploma in Viola at the “Rossini” Conservatoire in Pesaro Currently is 2ND fiddle of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Teatro Petruzzelli of Bari. He plays a Violin built towards the end of the 800 by Italian luthier Eugenio Politi of Rome.
Nicholas Monopoli, composer, was born in Barletta in 1991, and started playing the piano and composing at a very young age. He received his Bachelor’s degree in music and new technologies with honors, magna cum laude and special mention for skills applied to electroacoustic composition, the Bachelor’s degree course in electronic music with full marks and honours and a Diploma in composition, with honors, from the Conservatory “n. Piccinni” in Bari. His teachers are r. Santoboni, f. Scagliola, m. Fernandes and m. € per night. His music was performed in Italy, France, Germany, England, Norway, Greece, Russia, United States, Spain, the Netherlands, Canada, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Cyprus. He was selected and participated in many international music festivals including De Montfort University SSSP, Seoul International Computer Music Festival, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, Stanford University Linux Audio Conference, Asian Composer League Conference and Festival, Hannover Hochschule C-Sound Conference, Emufest, Fullerton Annual New Music Festival, New Music, FIMU, Festival Internacional de Música Electroacústica ‘ Punto de Encuentro ‘Shanghai Conservatory of Music, International Electronic Music Week). His music has been performed throughout the world in prestigious halls and important institutions. In 2014 is the winner of two scholarships for the Artist Diploma in Composition at the Royal College of Music in London a conferred by “The Royal College of Music” and the other from MIBAC. He is currently Professor of Electroacoustic music composition at the Conservatorio “c. Pollini of Padua.
For information phone 3454431 380

Barletta (Barletta Andria Trani)

Chiesa di Sant’Antonio via Sant’Antonio
target hours 18.00 18.30 start
entrance fee
8 shows subscription € 30,00-P.U. Ticket € 10.00
Info. 3803454431