26th International Piano Competition
Mauro Paolo Monopoli Prize – LIVE Edition 2023

The 26th International Piano Competition ‘Mauro Paolo Monopoli Prize’ will take place from 10th to 14th May 2023 live at the wonderful Curci Theatre in Barletta – Italy. The Final will be with Soundiff-Diffrazioni Sonore Orchestra.
For the 2023 Edition the Competition provides Total Prizes confirmed for 18.000 Euros and 10 Concerts offered by NUOVO IMAIE and by the sponsors Buzzi Unicem, Fondazione Megamark-Onlus, prof. M. Rita Lamonaca and Soundiff, and doc. ing. Luca Dimiccoli.
The Competition is open to the pianists born after 1st January 1987 and before 1st January 2007.
The Competion will have no Application Fee for the Contestants.
The deadline for sending the Application form  April 27, 2023.
We have important support from the Town of Barletta, the Apulia Region and the del the National Ministry of Culture, 

The 2023 Jury will has been composed of famous musicians coming from all the world.
The Winners of the previous Editions of the MPM IPC are successful artists all over the world, like Oliver Kern (Germany), Roberto Corlianò (Italy), Tchen Tzu-Yi (Taiwan), Kimberly Chen (U.S.A.), Anna Vinnitskaja (Russia), Yusuke Kikuchi (Japan), Vadim Ageev (Russia),Stanislav Khristenko (Russia), Yumi Sato (Japan), Scipione Sangiovanni (Italy), Galina Chistyakova (Russia), Alexander Panfilov (Russia), Anna Zaychenko (Russia), Ye Seul Kim (South Korea), Woo Jin Kim (South Korea),Evgeny Starodubtsev (Russia), Bartek Sklodowsky (Poland),Polina Sasko (Ukraina), Maria Narodytska (Ukraina), Kwon Kisuk (South Korea) and Dominic Doutney (Great Britain).