27th International Piano Competition
Mauro Paolo Monopoli Prize – LIVE Edition
May 1st – May 5th, 2024 
Curci Theatre – Barletta – Italy

“Wishing the Young Generations will be at the service of the Music and can present, through the Sound, what the Great Composers created for enrich the Spiritual Life of the Human Beings”

†Carlo Maria Giulini Past Honorary Chairperson

The International Piano Competition “Mauro Paolo Monopoli Prize”
is dedicated to the young pianist Mauro Paolo Monopoli
(Barletta 19 – 7 – 1975        Genoa 3 – 8 – 1996)

High artistic figure, with a refined sensitivity, bright, enthusiastic and of cheerful and friendly disposition, even though he was injured by an incurable leukaemia, he courageously kept on with piano studies all his life. He won several Piano Competitions and obtained enthusiastic professional qualifications during his piano recitals, thanks to an incomparable sound and phrasing and for a perfect control of piano technique and an extraordinary feeling.


1) Announcement
The 27th International Piano Competition “Mauro Paolo Monopoli Prize”, organized by the “Cultura e Musica – Giuseppe Curci” Music Association and sponsored by the the Barletta Town Administration, the Ministry of Culture – Music Department and the Apulia Region, will take place from 1st to 5th May, 2024 in the Curci Theater, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 71 – Barletta – Italy.

The Competition is open to pianists of all nationalities born after 1st January 1992 and not later than 1st January 2008.

2) Purpose
The International Piano Competition “Mauro Paolo Monopoli Prize” try to increase the piano culture all around the world, giving a chance to the young pianists for comparing their musical thinking and for starting a professional musician career. 

3) Repertory
Candidates must play the following pieces, with the following provisional timetable: 

First Stage (May 1 – 2, 2024)
A programme of your choice, no longer than 30 min. and not less than 25 min. in duration.

Semi Final Stage – Piano Recital (May 2 – 3, 2024)
A piano recital of your choice, no longer than 50 min. and not less than 45 min. in duration.
Works performed in the First Stage may be included in the recital.

Final Stage – Piano Concerto (May 5, 2024)
Contestants will play one of the following concertos with the Soundiff – Diffrazioni Sonore Orchestra :

W.A. Mozart
Concerto in E flat maj. KV 271, Concerto in A maj. KV 414, Concerto in C maj. KV 415 ,

Concerto in E flat maj. KV 449, Concerto in Bflat maj. KV 450, Concerto in D min. KV 466,
Concerto in C maj.  KV 467
L. van Beethoven
Concerto No. 1 in C Major Op.15, Concerto No. 2 in B-flat Major Op.19

Concerto No. 3 in C minor Op. 37, Concerto No. 4 in G Major Op. 58,
Concerto No. 5 in E flat Major Op. 73
F. Chopin
Concerto in E min. op. 11, Concerto in F min. op. 21

All works in the competition must be performed from memory and must be performed in their entirety if it is not otherwise  specified by the Jury.
Performances, which exceed the specified time limit, may be interrupted by the Judges.
The playing order of the works is left to the contestant’s discretion.
The contestants must give to the Jury a copy of each piece of the Editions they will play.
They must show their passport or identity card before their first stage.

4) Schedule – Candidate Roll Call
All the candidates must be present in the Curci Theatre – Barletta for the roll call at  9.30 a.m. on  May 1st,  2024.

The order of participation will be decided with a draw, immediately after the roll call.
The absent will be not admitted to the Competition.

5) Jury and Evaluation
The Jury will be composed of well-known national and international musicians. If a member of the Jury had teaching relations during the last two years, or relationship (until the third degree of kinship), he can’t  take part in the Jury. “Yes” or ” No” will judge the First Stage.Not more than 8 contestants can pass to the Semi Final Stage and not more than 3 contestants to the  Final Stage.  For the Semifinal Stage and the Final Stage, the Jury will make a secret centesimal voting with arithmetic mean and with the exclusion of the  lowest and highest scores.  The President may round the results up or down.  Pass to the Final Stage the three contestants which will get the highest score.  The Prizes will be awarded to the Finalists following the order of score they will get. The Absolute First Indivisible Prize, in any case, will be awarded to the candidate who will get the highest score and not  less than 98/100; the 2nd to the Finalist who will get not less than 94/100 and  the 3rd to the Finalist who  will get less  point. 

All the cash prize winners must be present to the Final Award Ceremony on May  5, 2024 in the Curci Theater;
otherwise they will lose the cash Prizes. 

6) Prizes  

1st Absolute Prize: Medal, Diploma, 10.000 Euros for covering all the expenses for a Project of a Tour of 6 Concerts offered by NUOVO IMAIE “Progetto realizzato con i fondi dell’ex art.7 L.93/92″ and 2.000 Euros offered by Buzzi Unicem – Barletta Factory

2nd Prize: 1.500 Euros, offered by Megamark Onlus Foundation, Medal and Diploma

3rd Prize: 1.000 Euros, Medal and Diploma 

Special Prize “Audience Prize” of 400 Euros for the finalist who will get more votes
from  the audience for the Final   Concert in  the Curci Theatre 

Special Prizes ‘Young Artist Concert Prizes’ offered by prof. ing.Luca Dimiccoli :
two Prizes of 500 Euro, 
dedicated to the memory of Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli,
assigned to the two youngest contestants, who will reach the Semifinal Stage and will gain a score not lower than 85/100.

For each contestant who will pass to the Semi Final Stage, and will not get other Prizes:
Semifinalist Diploma and 200 Euros offered by Buzzi Unicem

To all the other participants: Participation Diploma

Each prize will have the tax deduction at source.
All the money Prizes will be paid not later than 1 month from the end of the Competition by Bank Transfer.

The Artistic Direction reserves the right to assign additional Concerts-Prizes for the 2025 Musical Season   

7) Application and Information

The candidates must send not later than April 20, 2024
online by the form on our website

by email to
the following  documents:

1- An official application form
2- A recent photo  ( 7 x 10 cm, front facing, upper body )
3- A photocopy of your passport or a self-certification certifying the birth date of the applicant
4- An artistic curriculum

Applications sent after the closing date will not be considered.
Thanks to Nuovo IMAIE support the Competition has not Application Fee.

For further information :
Website: www.
Tel./Fax   +39 0883 528026  ( from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. – weekdays)

Mobile Phone +39 380 3454431

The contestant is responsible for acquiring his or her own entry visa into Italy.
Please contact the secretariat by e-mail if a written guarantor is necessary.

8) Copyright
For any performances that take place during the Competition or during the prize winners concerts held by the Organizer, the Organizer reserves the right to:

– Broadcast it via television, radio, or Internet.
– Record it, irrespective of whether the recording will be broadcast or not.
– Record, reproduce or sell it via CD, tape, record etc.
– Take photos or a video and then reproduce, distribute or sell these photos or videos.
No payment can be required from the contestants for this utilization.

9) Final Rules
The enrolment to the Competition entails the unconditional acceptance of the present Regulations.

For any controversy the Trani court is competent.
Any disputes that arise due to this outline will be resolved according to the original Italian text and Italian Law.